COMMITMENT & ACCOUNTABILITY: are you over-committed & unreliable?


COMMITMENT & ACCOUNTABILITY: are you over-committed & unreliable?

COMMITMENT & ACCOUNTABILITY: are you over-committed & unreliable?

Productivity isn’t just measured by busyness or total output.

Life, success & quality of life is more complex than one variable.


Are you a YES-man / YES-woman?

Are you someone who immediately says yes to someone without checking your schedule, existing commitments and inner values? Are you are afraid to say “NO” for fear of displeasing, not being liked, or worrying about hurting someone’s feelings? Does this show up with certain people (women, men, authority figures, colleagues, teachers, family, etc.)? 

When you make a commitment or say you will do something, how often do you follow through?

Does your ego get worth points based on how many tasks you complete?

Anything we say “YES” to becomes a commitment in our mind. What things or areas of your life are you over-committing or saying “YES” to when it is not in the best interest your self, business, or loved ones? What is one area of your life in which you could be more reliable and accountable?


Taking on more than what we can handle can cause stress, overwhelm, frustration, and decreased confidence. Or it can have us lose trust & reliability with others.. It is not only okay to refuse to accept responsibilities and task that are beyond our capacity, availability, or desire, it is essential for our mental sanity, focused productivity, satisfaction and well-being; plus, many people can be impacted if we are tense, mentally preoccupied, overstressed, distracted from living on purpose by extraneous commitments, or our integrity is not trustworthy.


We must know our current commitment load & use healthy boundaries in considering our current capability (skills and weaknesses) with regard to time, energy, resources, and the impact on others.

Of course sometimes, scheduling conflicts or alternatives come up and we want to maintain integrity and honor our word, yet also be flexible.  A renegotiated commitment is technically not a broken one, however if you are somebody who constantly cancels and tries to reschedule or flip-flops what we have previously said, this does have an impact on other people’s trust in us.


Learn the difference, between a solid YES commitment and a noble NO. This takes practice and awareness, but as we get clearer about your unique gifts, goals, and the deeper purpose of our life, while becoming more congruent in body, mind, and spirit, the quicker and easier it is to clearly discern YES or NO. In essence, let us only say YES and make a commitment if we are going to follow through to complete the commitment.



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