ACCEPTANCE & fear of being JUDGED

ACCEPTANCE & fear of being JUDGED


On a scale of 0-10, how afraid are you of being judged?


Growing up, my greatest fear was being judged.
I was afraid to look people in the eyes.
They might see things I didn’t feel acceptance about myself & judge me or reject me.
If I didn’t allow others to see inside & know me, then maybe I could avoid their judgement.
The cost of not feeling acceptance for parts of myself was limiting deeper connection with others.
Another cost was rejecting aspects of myself & trying to hide them so others wouldn’t judge
them, but ironically I was the one judging & not finding the acceptance those parts of myself.


What is one quality you try to hide from the world?

What is one thing you have done in the past you don’t want others to know?

What is one thing that has happened to you that you don’t want others to know?

When you meet new people, what things are you hesitant to reveal?

What aspects of yourself do you judge?


The qualities we judge in others & the world are the very qualities we do not accept inside

Instead of being afraid at others judging us we can notice the qualities in ourselves
we do not yet fully feel acceptance for and there we find our own gold to mine, own parts to love, accept & integrate.

Instead of trying to not judge others, we can notice the very qualities in others we are judging
are also the very qualities in ourselves we do not accept; there too lies our own gold. So
the next time we notice yourself judging a quality in another or the world, see if we can feel how that part has been disowned inside ourselves & feel how we can bring more acceptance to it.

How can we be open & unified as everything when there are parts you don’t feel acceptance for in yourself,
others & the world?




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